Montagna Forma-E

<strong>MAIN FEATURES</strong>
The Forma-E model is the most versatile in the Forma product line. This system installs low pressure lamps connected to ferromagnetic power supplies ensuring a high resistance to unfavourable environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, power supply); as a result this line is the most reliable on the market. One of the most common examples of application is represented by the technical rooms of the drinking water collection facilities.

The system configurations of the Forma-E line are applicable to multiple processes from medium to high flow rates. When installed in harsh environments, the line is configured minimising the overall electrical and electronic components inside the electrical panel. When the application requires automatic systems (automatic quartz tubes cleaning system, remote control, etc … ) this device comes equipped with PLC and all related functions.

<strong>KEY BENEFITS</strong>
The total reliability and versatility of the product line make the Forma-E a unique solution on the market.

The Forma-E line is extremely versatile and can potentally meet all major technology applications: from ultrapure water to waste water, from drinking water to pool water.

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Type: UV system