Montagna Flux-O Light


The Flux-O Light line installs horizontal lamps, parallel to water flow. The Flux-O Light line differs from the other models of the Flux product family for being equipped with LPHO lamps and for the absence of the automatic system in the basic configuration, though maintaining the constructive, geometrical and performance characteristics of the entire line.


The Flux-O Light line is designed to be “light” in every sense: the UV Modules can be moved manually with extreme simplicity. As a result the system has no operating setbacks and only requires simple cleaning and control operations to function adequately. To foster the system’s reliability and simplicity, the equipment of the Flux-O Light line are provided with ferromagnetic power supplies rather than electronic as they are more resistant to environmental conditions or failing power supplies.


The Flux-O Light line is dedicated to open channel treatments from small to medium flow rates in which automation is reduced. The absence of automatic systems can be replaced by simple management operations guaranteed directly by the plant’s operator, simplifying the management, operation and maintenance of the UV system.

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Type: UV system