Luxferov Dual Energy

The Luxferov Dual Energy series modules take advantage of the free calorific intake from the sun, by combining in a single panel the potential of a photovoltaic system that produces electricity and the solar thermal energy that produces hot water for thermal-sanitary purposes.

The photovoltaic cells are coupled with a recomposed quartz slab that internally incorporates an aluminum collector, inside which flows the carrier fluid: a mixture of water and coolant that simultaneously allows to produce thermal energy and retain a lower photovoltaic surface temperature. The carrier fluid circulates inside a heat exchanger tank allowing the production of hot water for thermal-sanitary purposes.

The particular panel composition, along with the use of its internal fluid, slows down the module surface’s overheating, thus increasing its efficiency and the useful life of the photovoltaic cells. The recomposed quartz slab inside the module transfers its resistance characteristics to the panel: mechanical strength, elasticity, impermeability and durability.

The mounting seal provides for a perfect combination of the modules. It creates a uniform surface coverage, which is both aesthetically appealing and functional because it protects the building while it produces energy. Thanks to the support structure and to the particular shape of the modules, the panel becomes an architecturally integrated covering system that protects the underlying layers from atmospheric agents. Furthermore, by means of natural ventilation, it enables a solid insulation of the indoor environment for greater comfort.

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Type: Dual Energy solar panel