Solar Thermal system B2

Forced circulation solar thermal system with storage buffer tanks with stratification device for instantenous production of sanitary water.

The solar thermal system PUFFERMAS® 1 CTS® brings technological excellence in absolute terms. Ideal for integration with thermal renewable source generators, provides high production of domestic hot water.

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The solar thermal system B2 is among the most widespread and most solid configuration plant.
High yields in production of hot water from solar energy with high reliability.

– Mineral wool insulation
– Anodized aluminum frame
– Highly selective absorber
– Tempered glass hail
– In compliance with the UNI EN 12975

– BOLLY® 2 ST 150 to 1500 lt complies with European EN 12897: 2006
– Carbon Steel
– Lining Polywarm®, suitable for water drinking under D.M. n. 174 of 06/04/04, certifi cation of drinking water treatment inside Polywarm®: ACS – SSICA – DVGW – W270 – UBA
– Double exchanger fixed Polywarm®
– Preparation for electrical integration
– Insulation 50 mm rigid polyurethane foam high-insulation with low coefficient thermal conductivity. (For fi no capacity to 500 liters).
– Insulating layer NOFIRE® fi bre 100% polyester recyclable, 100 mm thick, high-insulation with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Material with fire resistance class B-s2d0 in
according to EN 13501 (for capacities from 800 lt).

– 5 years