Geoclima V-Range VHA FC

VHA FC – Air cooled chiller with scroll or reciprocating compressors, axial fans and Free Cooling for outdoor installation

Cooling capacity: from 18 to 1163 kW

Whenever it is required to maintain liquid cooling all year round, VHA FC chillers are clearly the best choice. The average yearly yield is much superior to that of traditional water chillers, and the initial investment costs are recovered in a very short time. These units are therefore indicated for conditioning systems for data processing centers or for the refrigeration of industrial processes and for all applications which require a production of chilled water even during the winter.

A free cooling refrigeration device consists in using finned exchangers positioned uphill to the condenser coils. The air crosses the coils before hitting the refrigeration condensers of the refrigerant. When the temperature of the outdoor air is below the temperature of the water inside the plant, it is possible to obtain either partial or total chilling of the water, thanks to the heat released due to the thermal exchange in the water chilling coils.

The higher the difference of temperature between the circulating water and the outdoor air, the better the system will perform. VHA FC is available in LN (Low Noise) or LLN (Super Low Noise) versions, for installation in plant rooms where sound levels must be kept to a minimum.


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Type: Chiller

The V-Range includes all chillers with scroll and reciprocating compressors, whose main feature is the guarantee of reliability and durability, with consequent advantages in terms of cut in management and maintenance costs. These chiller are characterized by compact size and light weight, and, therefore, turn out to be particularly suitable for small plants. In addition to that, the few vibrations and the very low noise levels ensure that these chillers are used in industrial but also in civilian applications (comfort cooling).

The great innovation introduced by Geoclima, especially as far as scroll compressors with R410A are concerned – but some applications have been studied also for reciprocating compressors with R290 – consists in the possibility to combine several compressors in a single unit. Indeed, if this kind of chiller usually has a very reduced capacity (from 3 to 50 kW), the redundancy enables the development of machine with higher capacity, even of hundreds kW. In thereby, the V-Range units are no more restricted to small-size applications but, on the contrary, can also be used for bigger plants.

Within the V-Range, Geoclima has developed two lines of products, which are distinguished by the type of refrigerant used: the Energymiser line and the Greenmiser line.