Geoclima G-Range GHA ES

GHA ES – Air cooled chiller with screw compressors, axial fans and Evaporative System for outdoor installation

Cooling capacity: from 75 to 1900 kW

GHA ES can be equipped with innovative Evaporative System which results in considerable energy savings. Exploiting the natural process of adiabatic cooling, hot and dry air normally drawn into air cooled condensers passes through a wet media before reaching the actual condenser coil.

The evaporation effect reduces the air temperature by as much as 8 °C increasing the efficiency of the condensers. With lower condensing temperatures the efficiency of the refrigeration system is improved. During low ambient conditions the evaporative media is automatically moved away from the face of the condenser to allow a free passage of air on to the condenser reducing fan power in the ‘off cycle’. Power savings up to 25% can be achieved using this system which is particularly effective in countries which have high ambient temperatures.

Available on several models equipped with one or more screw compressors, dimensioned to be used with refrigerant type R134a or with the new low GWP HFO-1234ze or with R290. The units of the GHA ES series are assembled on a strong self-supporting metal screwed and welded structure, painted with epoxy powder with anti-rust coating for outdoor installation. All units are supplied completely wired and ready to be connected to the user’s plant.

Prior to delivery every machine is submitted to a performance test, with intervention tests of all the safety systems and components installed. Each unit is available with low-speed fans and compressor sound insulation kit for the LN (Low Noise) and LLN (Super Low Noise) versions, for installation in areas where sound levels must be kept to a minimum.


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Type: Chiller

The G-Range includes all chillers with screw compressors, which are characterized by a simple structure: they are composed of few moving parts which enable a continuous and fluid motion. This leads to the decrease of the mechanical strains, reducing this way the possibility of failure and wear. The simplicity of the engineering ensures a sensible reduction of the vibrations, deriving from the mechanical motions, and of the related noise, with many benefits in terms of comfort and installation.

Thanks to the simple structure of the installed compressors, the G-Range units are characterized by long-lasting life and, therefore, by great reliability, as well as by a significant cut in maintenance costs.

Within the G-Range, Geoclima has developed two lines of products, which are distinguished by the type of refrigerant used: the Energymiser line and the Greenmiser line.