Fiorini GEO HF 6-33

Water-water geothermal heat pumps GEO HF 6-33. Reversible geothermal heat pump with integrated, highly efficient domestic hot water production.

Geothermal heat pumps are advanced energy systems that are integrated in systems with certain basic features e.g., good thermal insulation class, especially for cooling applications during summer. It is important to consider the operating temperatures: The economic convenience of using a geothermal heat pump is set to a 50°C flow temperature in domestic hot water production and at lower temperatures (35-40 °C) for the flow to the heating system.

Power from 6 to 33 kW

• Production of hot water for plant
• Production of chilled water for plant
• Production of high temperature sanitary water
• Production in priority of DHW and simultaneous for plant

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Type: Water-water geothermal heat pump.