Maxa MARV4

Maxa MARV4

Maxa MARV4 can cool in one thermal zone and heat in another thermal zone at the same time, giving end users maximum flexibility and energy savings compared to traditional solutions or traditional heat pump units. Special refrigerant does not condensate outside, but inside the indoor unit.

Night time silent operation mode

Night Silent mode is a useful function in case of partial load (e.g. during night) and it reduces fans speed and so sound pressure level which can reach at minimum 46.8 dB(A). Night Silent mode can easily set by a Dip switch on outdoor unit main control board and it will be activated after X hours from peak temperature and it will go back to normal operation after Y hours.

Simple signal line connection

MARV4 series makes easier the installation of central controller for indoor units. Now it will be possible to connect central controller for indoor units with outdoor unit instead of all indoor units, so its installation will be faster and cheaper because it will not be necessary a second wiring line between central controller and all indoor units. Thanks to this new feature it will be possible to install indoor units central controller later with lower cost and time.

More details on Maxa heat pumps can be seen on official website: There is also version with heat recovery option, see more info here:

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Type: AIR – AIR heat pump