Margaroli FilAFil Onda

Margaroli FilAFil Onda

100% made in Italy
(code: FilAFil-onda)

2000mm (Special height on request)

As number of elements (100mm)

Heated towel rails and bathroom accessories manufacturing processes begin with an accurate selection of materials to exploit in the production. At the end of the productive process, all heated towel rails are 100% tested and must stand the severe tests of pressure, temperature and tightness. Raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods are subjected to a careful dimensional and visual control during all manufacturing steps.

 – Margaroli S.r.l.

Smart Solutions Pro creates project for your commercial or residential spaces and carries out all the work needed. All projects and installations are under EU normative and fire protection standards.

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Product Description

Type: design radiator/design towel rail