Jaga Mini Freestanding

Strikingly discrete

  • For spaces with large windows, glazed façades, for window displays, conservatories and under window seats and for dwarf walls.
  • Discrete appearance with heights from 8 cm.
  • No wasteful heat loss from radiation through glazing.
  • Stable one-piece casing.
  • Suitable for integrated valve.


  • Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission.
  • Twin Power for better compensation of the downward cold air flow next to glazed façades or ventilation grilles.
  • Safe surface temperature.
  • 30 year guarantee on the heat exchanger.

Super fast heat conductivity

The Jaga Low-H2O heat exchanger is not made of steel, but of super – fast conducting copper and aluminium, which immediately transfers its heat to the room. The advantage of this excellent conductivity increases as the water temperature falls!

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Type: radiator