Jaga AVS unit heater

New Jaga collection with EC motors highly efficient at any speed with low noise, up to 6 dB(A) generated by the single unit plastic HyBlade® fan. Electricity consumption is up to 45% lower and unit comes with simple installation methods.This unit comes with unique Venturi system.The Jaga AVS® is provided with Venturi-openings and aerodynamic adjustable exhaust louvres each of which can be adjusted separately.

These adjustable louvres may be placed in a normal parallel position, but they may also be directed in pairs towards each other. In this position the exhaust opening will be reduced and due to the form of the adjustable louvres an underpressure will be created at the height of the Venturi-openings.
This means that all of the ambient air will be drawn-in and mixed with the heated exhaust air, resulting in a lower exhaust air temperature. The ascending power of the air is reduced, resulting in more equal temperature. This also means that the space heats up faster.

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Type: Axial unit heater