Gel Dosabios Duo

Municipal water for potable use can contain bacteria which are hazardous for your health, such as the Legionella Pneumophila bacterium. GEL has designed a line of metering systems to prevent the formation of legionella and face it in case the bacterium has proliferated.

DOSABIOS DUO is an anti legionella metering system to control and dose the Gel disinfectant Biclor and the anti corrosion product Gelphos L15, in systems with hot sanitary water storage. DOSABIOS DUO is supplied assembled on a panel, ready for installation, and includes:

– Panel 80 x 100 cm
– Proportional metering pump for the dosing of anti corrosion conditioning chemicals
– Two self degassing proportional metering pumps for the dosing of disinfectants (with high surface tension)
– Signal splitter
– Hot water filter
– Digital instrument for chlorine measurement and regulation
– Cell and amperometric cell holder
– Two flow sensors on the disinfection line
– Suction nozzle with level probe on the disinfection line
– Level probe on the conditioning line
– Empty 25 l. can to decant disinfectants
– Kit of suction, delivery, drain hoses, injection connections and foot filter

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Type: anti legionella metering system