Enerblu Syngas 50–200 kWe

An electric power generation plant, fed through wood biomass, in a CHP version and power ranging from 50 to 200 kWe, by means of the gasifi cation technology. The piro-gasifi cation technology, from wood biomass, consists in a thermochemical conversion process that transforms the energy content of the wood/vegetal biomass itself into a specifi c gas, named syngas. The produced syngas, in turn, results to be an energetic vector capable to produce thermal and electrical energy, fuelling endothermal engine driven CHP units, operating downstream the gasifi cation plant.

The woody biomass fit for feeding a pirogasification plant is complying with the rule EN 14961-4 as A2 P63 M35 and it can include chips up to the range of a generic type.


  • Energy efficiency: the pirogasification of woody biomass produces more electric energy – respect to an equal amount of used biomass – compared to that one produced by traditional systems, such as combustion boilers or biogas systems.
  • Environmental: the pirogasifi cation process ensures incredibly low emissions levels, since the whole process occurs intotal absence of oxygen (then without combustion); besides the biomass that usually is sent to landfi lls or is simply burnt, can be reconverted and then used like a “green fuel”: an existing cost for the community is then transformed into an important resource.
  • Socio-economic: the pirogasification process allows the start-up of profi table lines in keeping and cleaning the green territories (forests and woods), for selection and quality improvement of the environment, and valorization of the Mountain Communities

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