Cordivari Bridge

Designer Mariano Moroni

Architect, artist and designer. Mariano Moroni was born in 1954 in Nereto (Teramo), after artistic high school he graduated in architecture, and was licensed by Politecnico in Milan. Starting from 70’s he attended to many exhibitions and fairs in Italy and abroad he has a wide-ranging and versatile mind, and he is involved in many creative activities from painting to architecture, from urban activity to graphic and design. In 1999 he took part in a movie whose theme was rural architecture. His artworks are shown in public and private structures. Cooperating with Cordivari, with mutual respect and estimation, he created Movie®, Renèe, Jungle®, Raising®, Bridge®, Roads®, Roads® stf, Groove® and Giuly®.

Smart Solutions Pro creates project for your commercial or residential spaces and carries out all the work needed. All projects and installations are under EU normative and fire protection standards.

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Type: design radiator (bathroom)