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SV fan coils are high efficienc y products, modern design and low sound emission. In the production are exclusively utilized materials and components of first class and high quality. In order to satisfy the wide necessities of the Customer s , fan coils are available in 7 sizes , with main coil at 2, 3 o r 4 rows , which can be added an optional 1 o 2 rows coil (the 2 rows coil is not EUROVENT certified). They can be supplied for wall or ceiling installation, with or without cabinet and with front air inlet. Beyond the traditional control boxes , the fan coils can also be managed by means of a super vision system MAXINET.

INSTALLATION – Manufactured from galvanized sheet fir st grade, internally insulated with an acoustic and self-extinguish lining. Heat exchangers Copper tubes/aluminium fins with collectors manufactured from die cast brass with female BSP thread connections; each coil is fitted with a manual air vent and drain plug. The coil is tested at a pressure of 15 Ate and is supplied with left side standard connections that can be easily inverted on site.

MOTOR – Single phase 230V 50 Hz motor, induction type , fitted with condenser and internal thermal protection. Main Drain Pan Manufactured from galvanized steel sheet fir st grade (ABS for Horizontal versions), exte rnally coated with self-extinguish and anticondensate mat. Regenerable air filter Made of syntetic material contained into a galvanized frame with mesh on both sides .

Smart Solutions Pro offers complete installations resulting in highest budget savings, call us for more details.

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