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Filtration systems and solutions for civil and industrial wastewater recovery
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Since 1980 Nuove Energie manufactures civil and industrial wastewater treatment plants, result of engineering intuitions out of the ordinary.

Smart Solutions Pro is general representative for high quality Nuove Energie products entirely built in stainless steel, these products stand out for revolutionary internal mechanisms and they are internationally patented and certified.



Ultrascreen® is a microfiltration system for wastewater tertiary treatment with no equal: for both the choice of the materials and its technology. A machine that revolutionizes the tertiary treatment and that allows the recovery and reuse of the outlet waters of the treatment plant .

One of Ultrascreen®’s most important feature is ensured by the Dynamic-Tangential Filtration: an advanced technology which is able to hold the particles that other machines would let through.

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Biostrainer® is the Separator-Thickener that ensures long-term functionality and reliability of the MBR ultrafiltration systems. Thanks to the Dynamic-Tangential Filtration, it definitively solves the problem of fibrous and filamentous materials present in the biological sludge.

Installed as a biological sludge recirculating system, it allows a remarkable reduction of the MBR maintenance interventions. Anything that traditional filters with perforated plates, wedge wires or static filtering meshes can’t do…Biostrainer® will do!

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Conoscreen® is a worldwide patented microfilter, perfect for the maximum fibrous material recovery and the consequent reuse of the filtered waters. One of its main features is ensured by the Dynamic-Tangential Filtration: an advanced technology which is able to hold the particles that other machines would let through.

Conoscreen®’s technology ensures several advantages: the microfiltration of extremely small particles and the wastewaters overload reduction, unloading the work of the treatment plants.

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Smart solution pro is dedicated to protect the environment, and to preserve the nature in it’s perfect form. We constantly working on bringing only the best, most productiive and ecology friendly products.

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