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Smart Solutions Pro offers top quality products built with highest standards providing clean technologies and high energy savings.
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Renewable energy

Smart Solutions Pro is general representative for highest quality brands in domain of renewable energy sources and offers complete installations resulting in highest budget savings for our clients.

We offer smart solutions in industry and private sector, with emphasis on ecology and environment sustainable systems.

Smart solution Pro support architects and project managers with professional consulting providing deep insights into renewable energy sources systems. Our products are built with highest standards and are based on clean technologies which leads to amazing energy savings.

Our innovative solutions merge quality and design, respecting nature in its perfect form we deliver best possible solutions that  fulfill most demanding customer expectations.


Smart Solutions Pro offers highly cost effective solutions which brings even more astounding savings after installation. We offer complete solutions including top quality brands from Italy, Germany Belgium and Korea. We cover Serbia and Montenegro projects currently.

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The future is here. By implementing latest technology innovations we achieve enormous energy and budget savings for our clients. Projects we have finished so far constitute a guarantee of quality and success. Our winning strategy combine design, technical characteristics and quality tailored to customer’s needs.

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Renewable energy sources and sustainable systems are the future. We are here to bring the best of industry.


Thanks to continuous research and innovation of our partners, all the products we provide are setting new standards in energy efficiency.


All our systems provide enormous budget savings. Energy efficient systems provide free or almost-free energy in years to come.


Smart Solution Pro is general representative for Geoclima, manufacturer of special chillers.


We are general representative for Scam t.p.e. manufacturer of high quality industrial cooling towers.


We are general general representative for Fiorini, manufacturer of plate heat exchangers, water heaters, chillers and high efficiency heat pumps.

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Smart Solutions Pro is general representative for Enerblu high efficiency cogenerators known for its top reliability.


The passion for innovation has always been the driving force behind the Pieralisi Group. Smart Solutions Pro is general representative.


Smart Solution Pro is general representative for GEL company, operating in water treatment since 1979.



Cogeneration stands for combined heat and power (CHP) which use fuels to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time. We raised that to a completely new level by implementing Enerblu thermal power plants technology.

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Solar Power

Incredible design. Incredible power. Smart Solutions Pro is distributor and reseller for Cordivari products in Serbia and Montenegro.

We offer installations and complete project managment for your perfect setup.  Take a look at all solar energy solutions.

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Smart Solution Pro is currently engaged in projects in Serbia and Montenegro. We will try to inform you as fast as possible on all current installations and important subjects.

Our partners

We are proud to present you our partners. Currently we are working in Serbia and Montenegro and we provide variety of solutions for heat and cooling systems. Clean technologies and high energy savings is our top pririty.


Smart solution pro is dedicated to protect the environment and to preserve the nature in it’s perfect form. We constantly working on bringing only the best, most productive and ecology friendly products.

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