Wine, oil and honey tanks

Stainless steel containers for storing your food and beverage products
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Established in 1972 by Ercole Cordivari, Cordivari company is one of the most important manufacturer in the Italian industry. The company is specialized in producing high quality food and beverage containers.

Wine and honey containers

Cordivari Vinolio Portella is amazing stainless steel container for storing your precious liquid. This containers is suitable not only for wine but can also handle olive and honey.

This unit comes in capacity from 200 up to 1000 litres.

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Oil containers

Cordivari Jolly is stainless steel container for storing your oil prducts. This containers is suitable for any kind of oils.

This unit comes in capacity from 30 up to 100 litres.


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Some of available models

Smart Solutions Pro provides complete process of distribution, project planning and installation.

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Smart solution pro is dedicated to protect the environment and to preserve the nature in it’s perfect form. We constantly working on bringing only the best, most productive and ecology friendly products.

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