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Since the ’80s the use of ultraviolet light for the disinfection of drinking water is a safe and reliable solution adopted by aqueducts and by the water industry providing drinking water. Ultraviolet light removes the pathogens present in the water without the use of potentially hazardous additives to man and the environment. 

Germicidal irradiation with ultraviolet light is an innovative and eco-friendly technology, that  disinfects safely and effectively without the use of chemical products.  Smart Solutions Pro is general representative for Montagna solutions and we can help you with installation procedure.

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Closed Vessel System

Specifically designed for treating fluids with very low transmittance, the “System line” is able to transmit the ultraviolet radiations through fluids usually impenetrable by almost all the UV equipment available on the market.

The equipment of the System line is among the few on the market that can treat fluids with very low transmittance, allowing their disinfection and use, in several fields of application, as the food & drinks sector, or to extend the life time of liquids used for industrial applications.

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Closed Vessel Kombi

Generally the Kombi line provides reaction chambers composed of mono-block series and are provided alternately by various types of low pressure lamps according to the hydraulic constraints and process provided. The mono-blocks, entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel are easily assembled also on site making possible the transport and installation even in the most complex systems and plants.

The main application of the Kombi line is the treatment of water for human consumption at high flow rates (higher than 1000 mc/h). This line is specifically designed for each single application. 

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Open Channel Flux-O

The UV modules of the Flux-O line are made of AISI 316L stainless steel, use latest generation amalgam lamps, are equipped with automatic cleaning system, and use a PLC to manage and organise the work of the entire UV station. Based on project requirements, the supply includes the water level control system and any other add-on for system automation.

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Open Channel Flux-D

The Flux-D line merges the technical characteristics of the Flux-O and Flux-V lines and the related advantages: the lamps are arranged diagonally with a variable tilt angle.

The Flux-D UV module line provides the same technical characteristics and function of the Flux product family but is designed to optimise the basic plant engineering and management; combining the small number of lamps for each UV module, with the system modularity.

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