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Jaga, a Belgium company that is already well known throughout the world to its incredible design and innovative solutions, as well as a higher consciousness when it comes to environmental protection, energy savings and utilization of renewable sources.

Therefore, the partnership between Jaga radiator factory and Smart Solutions Pro came as something quite natural, and we are proud to be reseller of this brand.

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H2O tecnology

The Jaga Low-H2O heat exchanger is not made of steel, but of super fast conducting copper and aluminium, which immediately transfers its heat to the room. The advantage of this excellent conductivity increases as the water temperature falls!

The serial matrix irrigation with up to 16 copper tubes and the optimised corrugated shape of the aluminium fins maximises heat transfer from the central heating water to the air. As soon as the thermostatic valve opens, the heat is quickly, evenly and accurately distributed throughout the room.

The garranty for Jaga Low-H2O is 30 years!

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Dynamic Boost Effect

Dynamic Boost Effect is a heat activator that has been developed especially for Jaga Low-H2O radiators to increase the capacity with minimal over-dimensioning and negligible energy consumption.

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Warm power, noble wood

Developed for the house of the future, “Living Tomorrow”, in Vilvoorde-Belgium. Completely pre-assembled including DBE units, connection set and TRV head. Casing with curved wooden shell finished in high-grade veneer in 9 wood finishes. Hidden control with pre-mounted connection set and TRV head. Low-H2O technology with super conductive and ultra fast heat exchanger for low energy consumption and maximum heat emission. DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) for compact dimensions at super-low water temperatures starting at 30°C. Safe surface temperature. A 30 year guarantee on the heat exchanger.


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Established in 1972 by Ercole Cordivari, Cordivari company is one of the most important manufacturer in the Italian industry of heating and plumbing. The company is specialized in producing radiators, tanks, cylinder vessels, thermal solar systems, chimney systems, food containers and finishing of metals.

Cordivari Ardesia is 2 columns tubular radiator with quality built and a warranty of 5 years.

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Faral, famous italian brand with a longest tradition in production of aluminium radiators.

Thanks to years of experience, passion for innovation, and a “total quality” approach, Faral is a global leader and is considered one of the most important companies in aluminium radiator production.

Smart Solutions Pro is a reseller of Faral’s radiators Maranello&Alba.

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Founded by four brothers 50 years ago, Gruppo Ragaini, a trendsetter in a world of design aluminium radiators, with it’s brands has always represented synonym for modern, unusual & unconventional.

Smart Solutions Pro is a distributor and reseller for Gruppo Ragaini brands.


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Another italian brand that is taking over a significiant piece of the die cast aluminium radiator market in last 15 years.

Conventional look, high thermal power and affordable price is what contributed to global become the market leader in traditional aluminum radiators in these areas. With his most recognized models of die cast radiator, Vox and Oscar, Global radiatori finds the way to every home.

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Our partners

We are proud to present you our partners. Currently we are working in Serbia and Montenegro and we provide variety of solutions for heat and cooling systems. Clean technologies and high energy savings is our top pririty.

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