Smart Solutions Pro is reseller of famous Viega piping systems. Viega offers you systems for installation spectrum that ranges from drinking water, gas, heating and other building technologies all the way to industrial systems and ships.


Press technology from Viega

Traditionally, copper pipes for building services were hard or soft soldered, depending on the application and medium. However, the press connecting technology developed by Viega through to system maturity some 20 years ago offers a more practical alternative.

The pressing operations are executed with the matching press tools and jaws. As well as mains powered press tools, there are also battery powered tools which provide a high degree of flexibility. As pressing involves no open flame, and so poses no fire hazard, no fire safety measures are needed.

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Flexible and stable

Viega Press System is reat replacement for pipes soldering. This press system uses hand scissors which can be pneumatic also. Combined with perfect fittings this combination is much more cheaper and faster than traditional soldering of the pipes.

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German quality

After just three processing steps – cutting the pipe to length; installing the press connector and verifying the insertion depth – pressing can be carried out all in one pass. No calibration, as in the case of other piping systems, is necessary. That saves as much as 30 to 50 percent labour, depending on the pipe dimensions, compared to soldering.

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For copper, steel and stable composite pipes

Viega offers the quick and safe press connection technology for all piping systems in all common areas of use. Metallic piping systems like Profipress (copper), Sanpress (stainless steel) or Prestabo (galvanised steel pipe) are all included as is Pexfit Pro as a dimensionally stable composite pipe.

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Aluplast pipes

Smart Solutions Pro offer wide range of Viega aluplast pipes of finest quality. Depending on material and area of use (e.g. drinking water, heating, gas, compressed air, fire extinguisher pipes), Viega offers suitable pipes and press connectors with the corresponding sealing elements.

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Simple installation

  1. Shorten pipe
  2. Mount connector
  3. Press

Finished! That saves time and money.

Viega Pexfit Pro

Pexfit Pro pipes are as flexible as you wish and as durable and reliable as you expect them to be. In combination with the new press connectors made of PPSU and Viega red brass connectors, they offer maximum safety when it comes to drinking water.

No matter if Steptec, Viega Eco Plus or Viega Mono – Pexfit Pro pipes fit in perfectly into every Viega pre-wall technology system.

As the first on the market, Viega guarantees that a complete leakage test can be carried out centrally using a manometer, as long as the entire system is fitted with Viega SC-Contur.

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Viega Fonterra

Easy. Comfortable. Flexible.

The system board is simply rolled out and cut with a standard utility knife to any room geometry. Also, the pipe used which offers ease of installation. Because of course comes at Fonterra Base roll 15 the flexible Fonterra PB pipe 15 x 1.5 mm were used.

Ideal for floor and wall heating.

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Prestabo galvanized steel pipes made with galvanised non-alloyed steel are ideal combination of  cost-efficiency and safety. All Prestabo pipes are available in 12 to 108 mm dimensions. This practical and effective systems is used also in pre-wall installations.

Prestabo complete system is also availble, call us for more info on complete package for your space.

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Some of available models

Smart Solutions Pro provides complete process of distribution, project planning and installation.

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Our partners

We are proud to present you our partners. Currently we are working in Serbia and Montenegro and we provide variety of solutions for heat and cooling systems. Clean technologies and high energy savings is our top pririty.

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