Smart Solution pro is general representative for famous PIERALISI machines in agro-industry and centrifugal separation. Pieralisi centrifugal force over the years, proved to be the optimal solution in the various food and industrial production.

Pieralisi provides solutions to any technological solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid separation problem, through centrifugal separators which are placed on a large variety of application fields with a wide range of flow rates.


Centrifugal decanters

High efficiency decanter capable to handle liquid mixture containing a considerable amount of solid particles. Decanter performances are related not only to process operating parameters but also to the mixture composition, density and viscosity of the different phases, solid density and particles size.

The internal centrifugal force is the result of the rotational speed coupled with the large bowl diameter. The decanter is driven by an electric motorconnected via belt transmission to the horizontal shaft of the bowl. The product enters through the feed pipe into the centre of the bowl, it is accelerated and forced to separate in its single phases.

The separated liquid phases are extracted from the rotating bowl by means of a special devices on one side of the bowl. The dewatered solid, collected on the bowl internal walls, is transported by the scroll to be continuously discharged on the opposite side respect to the liquids.

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Application fields

Pieralisi equipment is widely used in various industry fields: Environmental, Chemical, Mineral Fuel and Lube Oils, Food and Beverage, Recycling, Oleo-Chemical, Animal-Based Products, Milk and Dairy.

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Centrifugal separators

The vertical separator working principle is based on the double effect obtainable by coupling centrifugal force (in the range of 9000-10000xG) and an appropriate disc stack (with hundreds of plates).

The rotation is handled by an electric motor connected with a belt transmission to the vertical shaft of the separator on which the bowl is assembled. The solids are captured by the discs and collected at the solid chamber present in the periphery of the bowl.

The two clean liquid phases can be discharged by gravity or extracted from the rotating bowl by means of a built-in centripetal pump. The liquid outlets configuration as well as the disc design can be defined accordingly to the specific requirements of each process stage.

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Other products

Pieralisi FP automatic units for preparation of polyelectrolyte solution.

With feeding water pressure not lower than 2,5 bar, Pieralisi has three models in this series:
FP 700 with total height [mm] 1380, FP 1700 with total height [mm] 1630, and FP 5000 with total height [mm] 1880.

Detailed Technical Data Sheets containing features, dimensions and performance data are available. Please contact us.

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