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VED E Exclusiv

Vaillant VED E exclusive, a flow heater for hot water with regulation of power and the amount of water (TempTronic), waterproof wireless remote control and easy to read display is a great solution for water heating.

Electronic control of power and the amount of water regulates an output temperature of hot water with the range of between 30 and 60 C. In case of fluctuations of pressure and inlet temperature, the set temperature remains constant.

Vaillant is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of environment-friendly heating and air-conditioning technology. With high energy efficiency and ecological approach Vaillant offers air conditioning products of high quality.

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When you need system for small amount of hot water, Vaillant small storage heaters are the right choice. Whether washing dishes, washing hands in bathroom – compact devices are recommended for economical supply of one tapping point. Thanks to its minimal power consumption in stand-by mode of max . 0.22 kWh / 24 h , the unit OUT is significantly more energy efficient than similar models.

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Mini VED H

Simple kitchen water heater

Hydraulic instantaneous water heater mini VED is ideal solution for heating water with a limited amount at one outflow spot (hand washing) . Thanks to its compact dimensions , the device can be easily fit below the tapping point.

Flow control is integrated within the device, so that user can select lower flow with higher temperature or higher flow with lower temperature.

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Tronic 8000 T

Electric storage water heater with built-in electronic thermostat that allows precise adjustment of the temperature of hot water . Available volume is from 35 to 150 liters. All models can be installed vertically and horizontally.

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Tronic 1500 T

Combined water heaater Tronic 1500 along with the electrical heater unit has built in additional heat exchanger and is intented for serial installation in the heating system. Capacity ranges from 80 to 150 liters, with left or right connections.

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Wall-hung electric storage water heater.

Style and comfort. The water heater able to combine aesthetic, energy saving and performance. The flattest water heater in a refined design with reduction of waiting time by up 60%. High-thickness polyurethane insulation and user-friendly soft touch control panel with smart thermometer.

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Shape ECO Slim

Shape ECO Slim series provides an excellent mix between comfort and design. Functional, innovative and space saving.

Innovative design with  high precision NTC temperature sensors and easy and fast reset.
Thick thermal insulation with oversize magnesium anode and high efficiency expanded polyurethane insulation provides sturdy casing.

Pressure safety valve is tested at 8 bar and titanium glasslined inner tank tested at 16 bar.

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Smart Solutions Pro provides complete process of distribution, project planning and installation.

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