Air curtains

Air door or air curtain is a downward-facing blower fan mounted over an entrance used to protect your space from outside air, dust and insects. We provide innovative solutions.
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Vortice Air Door

Vortice Air Door AD2000 has aluminium front panel with satin finish in silver color, and air inlet grille comprising of 9 horizontal sections of polished aluminium. Rear steel casing in black color works as a frame to which all internal components are fixed. End caps are molded in ABS thermoplastic black resin.

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Vortice is a multinational group operating through its own subsidiaries or through local dealers in more than 90 countries around the world, in the sectors of residential, commercial and industrial ventilation and air handling generally.

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Custom air hoods

Smart Solutions Pro creates project for your commercial or residential spaces and carries out all the work needed. According to the latest European norms we deliver all fire equipment that concerns the insulation of all types of channels, fire panels as well as fire detectors .

Smart Solutions Pro can provide smoke removal from endangered kitchen spaces with ventilation malfunction. We deliver eco and custom hoods, with electrostatic and active charcoal filters. We can also suggest you the best possible solution for airflow setup.

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Tecnosystemi Group is specialized in production and distribution of accessories for the air conditioning: wall brackets and floor supports, ducts and their relevant accessories, water condensate pumps, leak-cover profiles, preparations, air curtains, heat recovers, insulated single or coupled copper pipes.

Smart Solutions Pro offers wide range of Technosystemi residential air curtains with frontal/superior air suction.

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Aria 3 air curtain

This new system of air barriers by Tecnosystemi is characterised by a front suction grid that allows installation in situations where vertical space is highly reduced. Using the supplied remote control, it is possible to regulate the switch on/off and three functioning speeds of the fan.

The barriers with front suction offer high airflow rate, easy installation and silence. This type of barrier can be used for entrances in bars, restaurants, hotels and offices.


Smart Solutions Pro is reseller of all commercial and residential fan units from various manufacturers, including Vortice, S&P, Systemair and many others.

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Some of available models

Smart Solutions Pro provides complete process of distribution, project planning and installation.

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Our partners

We are proud to present you our partners. Currently we are working in Serbia and Montenegro and we provide variety of solutions for heat and cooling systems. Clean technologies and high energy savings is our top pririty.

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