Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is an HVAC technology, which uses refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. This refrigerant is conditioned by a single outdoor condensing unit, and is circulated within the building to multiple fan-coil units (FCUs).

Smart Solutions Pro offers wide range of setups, VRF can also be installed with an Air conditioner inverter units in order to support variable motor speed which improves energy savings.

Heat recovery

Maxa VRF MARV4 system with heat recovery can cool in one thermal zone and heat at the same time in another thermal zone, giving to final users maximum flexibility and energy savings compared to traditional solution or traditional heat pump units, because refrigerant will not condensate outside but inside the indoor units.

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Flexible piping design

Up to 100 meters total pipes length with 45 meters of real length of outdoor unito and furthest indoor unit. Height difference between indoor and outdoor unit is 30 meters. Difference between indoor units is up to 20 meters in heght.

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Modular systems

Maxa offers maximum flexibility when it comes to modular systems. These units can be connected as modules, depending on power needed for your space.

Smart Solution Pro gives complete project planning, management and installation for your specific purposes.

Mini MARV 4

Mini MARV 4 ensures high efficiency both in case of residental and commercial applications, thanks to DC inverter technology which provides quick and  continous modulation. Tis external unit can be connected with up to seven units of different type and size.

Wide operating range of outdoor air temperatures from -15 to 48 celsius, and new fan design for silent operation and reduced weight, this small units extends range for many purposes.

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Some of available models

Smart Solutions Pro provides complete process of distribution, project planning and installation.

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Our partners

We are proud to present you our partners. Currently we are working in Serbia and Montenegro and we provide variety of solutions for heat and cooling systems. Clean technologies and high energy savings is our top pririty.

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